Organisational Productivity


Improve productivity through psychological skills training


Workplace training increases work performance, reduces work stress, increases innovation and reduces work errors.

A growing body of evidence attests to the effectiveness of psychological skills training across organisations, which improves the productivity of business leaders, managers, and front-line staff. Businesses and organisations do better when employees are less psychologically stuck and more flexible.

London Performance Academy  training programmes help individuals to clarify their goals and develop key psychological strengths, improve work performance, and develop resilience to change. Our training system helps employees and leaders alike to reduce workplace stress while increasing productivity.

Managers trained in the London Performance Academy  model will have a greater influence on the performance of their employees.

Our approach is grounded in evidence-based research, and includes values-clarification and focusing exercises that help employees to thrive in a dynamic and effective workplace environment.

Our business productivity programme is designed to:

  • Help employees to recognise their strengths
  • Enhance organisational agility and sharing best practice
  • Teach people how to focus and reach their targets
  • Develop a positive and healthy working environment
  • Reduce stress and improve employee satisfaction