Leadership Training

Effective leadership through collaboration and flexibility


Developing leaders’ skills in emotional intelligence and psychological flexibility creates strong, nurturing organisations that benefit from improved performance and employee satisfaction. 

London Performance Academy  offers an evidence-based training program which is designed to improve leaders’ ability to cope effectively with business challenges. This is achieved through the promotion of psychological flexibility – a crucial leadership skill in today’s ever-changing world.

London Performance Academy  delivers leadership training seminars and coaching grounded in empirical research. Our courses use an experiential approach that develops leaders’ resiliency and change management skills.

The approach we use is proven to be effective in increasing work performance and innovation, while reducing work-related stress and on-the-job errors.

Our leadership programme is designed to help business leaders:

  • Develop resiliency in fast-changing business environments
  • Develop skills in collaborative leadership of diverse teams
  • Nurture excellence through emotional intelligence
  • Foster dynamic, agile and effective team environments
  • Create better businesses by developing peoples’ skills
  • Align their business goals with organisational values