Communication Training

Effective communication fosters collaborative working



Effective communication is essential for a positive work environment. Developing better communication skills helps leaders to understand the needs of their clients and employees. 

London Performance Academy delivers communication, conflict resolution and mediation training based on the latest, evidence-based research, that is applicable to numerous situations and co-worker interactions.

Communicating effectively involves cultivating an awareness of how thoughts and feelings are expressed through verbal and nonverbal communication. Through active listening, individuals can be helped to attend more readily to issues, while also remaining focused on business goals.

London Performance Academy  helps employees to notice and understand the behavioural patterns, uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that occur when facing difficult interactions. Our skills training programme increases the number of communication choices individuals can use when responding to difficult situations.

When employees have developed skills in emotionally-intelligent interpersonal communication, this helps to create a more harmonious workplace. Conflicts and misunderstandings can be resolved more quickly, and situations that once may have seemed threatening or uncomfortable can be managed more smoothly.

Our communication training programme is designed to:

  • Help maintain strong interpersonal relationships
  • Promote assertive communication and conflict resolution
  • Encourage collaboration between individuals and teams
  • Develop more meaningful peer and client relationships
  • Train employees in inter-cultural communication skills