Mohammed Dualeh- Managing Director, Psychotherapist & Senior Consultant

Mohammed is a highly competent training consultant, with more than 20 years of experience designing and delivering workshops and seminars on topics including Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Cultural Competency, Communication Skills, and Conflict Resolution in the workplace. He has experience working in a variety of settings including the private sector ( Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Oil and Gas) , public sector (health/education) and third sector organisations.

He specialises in the delivery and supervision of counselling and psychological skills training programmes, which have been shown to deliver business benefits including increased employee productivity, satisfaction, well-being and engagement. Mohammed works with organisations to foster better working relationships within teams and across business functions. He has designed and implemented employee development programmes, staff networks and employee support groups; and successfully facilitated over seven thousand hours of group work across multiple organisations and teams. As a psychotherapist, Mohammed also supports individual clients through one-to-one psychological therapy, counselling and coaching. Mohammed also has experience facilitating and project managing workshops, seminars and conferences. He is a professional member of the British Association  for Behavioural & Cognitive Therapies (BABCP) and British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy(BACP)

“Mohammed has shown the most resilient, positive and optimistic outlook with an infectious energy that has influenced all around him- staff and particularly clients.

He “lives his philosophy” of being positive, constructive and helpful in the most calm and reassuring manner and has been a solid anchor for the service in both its good and more challenging times.His inclusiveness, compassion and kindness come through, although with a confidence and wisdom that helps to street the team and his colleagues during very challenging times. A more empowering person for client would be difficult to find, his unique ability to respect all as they respect him. A pleasure to work with…” A Geel Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

“Dear Mohammed, I’m grateful for your energy, dedication and encouragement. I appreciate the time and effort you put into the course. It is a cliché to say the course has changed my life. It really hasn’t. I still live in the same house, have the same job and family, look the same etc. What has changed is not my life, but me. I’m fundamentally happier, more positive, content, and understanding person”. A Jones a course delegate